World Oceans Day – Youth Advisory Council

World Oceans Day – Youth Advisory Council

We are excited to introduce 10 new talented youth to the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council! The new Council members represent nine different countries and come from diverse backgrounds, however, they all share a common love for protecting the ocean.

This group will join the existing 10 Council members to help expand the reach and impact of World Oceans Day on June 8th, and with continued engagement year-round. Advisory Council members are instrumental in helping shape the development of World Oceans Day as it grows, providing new and unique perspectives, ideas, and recommendations.

Starting in the top left corner and moving clockwise, the new members include: Wenqin Zhang from China, Sofia El-Rass from Denmark, Rufai Balogun from Nigeria, Kehkashan Basu from Canada, Gabrielle Tan from Malaysia, Patricia Zanella from Brazil, Ibrahi Rodriguez from Ecuador, Olivia Taylor from South Africa, Anna Zaske from Denmark, and Cade Terada from the United States.

By collaborating on their current projects and embarking on new endeavors, this energetic group of 20 young people show great promise in rebuilding the health of our oceans and conserving them for generations to come.

Get to know the new members and review the entire Youth Advisory Council by clicking “Meet the Council” below.


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