New World Oceans Day website and new2020 Conservation Action Focus!

New World Oceans Day website and new2020 Conservation Action Focus!

Everything on the new site was developed to help organizations, businesses, and people worldwide easily find resources for planning activities and taking action, including campaign collaterals, how-to guides, the new World Oceans Day logo, and much more! 

2020 Conservation Action Focus

World Oceans Day is growing the global movement to ensure our global leaders commit to protecting 30% of the planet by 2030 (called

30×30). By safeguarding at least 30% of our ocean through a network of highly protected areas, we can help ensure a healthy home for all! You can access the resources here and the conservation action details here.

Social Media Campaign

This year’s social media campaign seeks to advance the 30×30 movement. Users are encouraged to share the World Oceans Day action stickers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the tags #WorldOceansDay and #ProtectOurHome.

Spotlight on Supporters

To create a global celebration for our blue planet with the greatest possible conservation impact throughout the year, World Oceans Day seeks Supporters to help advance diverse conservation initiatives.


Let’s all take on this new decade with unprecedented collaboration and the enthusiasm to make a real difference! By working together, we can –and will– protect and restore our shared ocean.


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