Making it Through This Crisis Together

Making it Through This Crisis Together

As part of our community, we wanted to let you know that our hearts and thoughts are with you as we all deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in different ways.

We also want to acknowledge and thank all of the front line responders, clinicians, and public health officials who are working around the clock to keep our communities safe, as well as our public employees for their dedication, and all those in communities around the world who have stepped up to help.


During this challenging time, we are here as a resource for you, your families, friends, and colleagues. We want to do our small part to help you navigate the changes in your daily routines and your lives.

We will be sharing a variety of inspiring and empowering resources in an ongoing basis including some of the best ocean books, videos, cutting edge exploration and research, online ocean learning tools, and more.

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Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter where we’ll be providing a daily dose of inspiration and more to help do our part in creating a community of positive social interaction focused on protecting all life on our shared blue planet. If you have any inspirational ideas that we can share with our global network please let us know.

Together, we can continue to engage with sensitivity and care, while also creating a strong community of change-makers online going forward. Your health and well-being are the top priorities. We are grateful that you are a part of our community.

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